23.12.2021 — our work

The Xmas Metaverse Challenge

We asked the Stage11 team to dream up their utlimate music metaverse game for the holidays, with results ranging from heavy metal Santas to exploding Mariah Carey🎄

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08.12.2021 — our work, virtual concerts

How We’re Reimagining Music for the Metaverse

Our CTO Olivier Ozoux outlines our vision to create the next level of music experiences.

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17.11.2021 — environments

Why Sci-Fi Needs More Architects

Before I built the Crystal City and the first human basecamp on Mars, I was working on something more pedestrian—an office building in Madrid.

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26.10.2021 — technology, virtual concerts

Can Augmented Reality Be More Than a Gimmick?

Will the big tech companies’ AR gamble pay off?

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20.10.2021 — digital humans, our work

Building the Stage — Volumetric Capture

We traveled to Grenoble to test out tech that creates photorealistic digital humans.

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