17.01.2022 — our work

Hello 2022!

A reflection on our first year and our team’s predictions for the future of the metaverse.

Tom Faber, Head of Content

It’s a wrap on 2021, the end of our first year as a company and the start of making our dream a (mixed) reality. A few months ago our CEO Jonathan Belolo outlined our ambitions for Stage11, so as we’ve kicked off the new year we wanted to highlight some of the things we are planning for 2022. But first—here’s a look at our 2021…

Moving into 2022 all our work busily testing live motion-capture and volumetric capture technologies will culminate in the release of our first interactive NFT collectibles, which will be accessible on our own app, to be launched in beta later this year.

We will also deliver our debut immersive music experience, the first of many, featuring a cast of world-famous artists including David Guetta, Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo. For what the future holds on that front we already dropped a few hints in our footage of mocap sessions with Akon and Martin Garrix, with more names to be revealed soon.

Martin Garrix working with our CEO Jonathan Belolo

Our team includes top talent from the world of tech, gaming, music and fashion. To celebrate the new year we asked a few of them to make predictions about what 2022 will bring to the metaverse.

“In 2022, companies we never thought would merge will acquire each other or join forces to build larger non-fragmented experiences. Not everyone can create great content, own a great avatar system and seamlessly connect you socially. Companies like Meta have taken great strides here but do they, say, acquire Roblox or RecRoom? Does Epic partner with Google for social? Does Nike use MetaHuman tech for Avatar clothing sales? The promise of the Metaverse is too big for even the largest companies to have all the solutions. Acquisition and long term partnerships are the only way to accelerate the Metaverse at an appropriate rate.

Matt Coohill, CCO

We will see some consensus in the industry of baseline metadata that should be shared across all NFTs to allow interoperability across platforms. But after the wild speculation in the NFT market in 2021, we can expect to see that bubble burst this year, and a lot of value lost. And we will release the Stage11 app into the wild…

Carey Chico, CPO

From a technology perspective, 2022 is the year where I can see AI and Machine Learning algorithms starting to transition from strictly 2D, pixel-based representations, to using 3D formats and constructs natively. Deepfake and other GAN-based approaches produce amazingly not only realistic, but plausible results, but up to now have been operating on images and videos, making them unsuitable for interactive 3D environments. I’m now seeing more and more AI-based approaches being used directly to generate and control facial animation, body and cloth deformation, as well as motion generation and interpolation, bringing the kind of quality we’re used to from high-end Hollywood productions to consumer-grade hardware.

Olivier Ozoux, CTO

For more insights from our team check out some excellent articles they’ve written on subjects ranging from the future of augmented reality to the role of architecture in the metaverse and our vision of music in the metaverse.

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